MaaShea is your all-natural skin care online shop. No unnecessary ingredients and no unfair business practices. Just good skincare that everyone can enjoy, from the maker to the customer.

  • Berty Bannor

  • Pamela Bannor

Our Mission

We sell natural skin care products. But there is more. MaaShea was created on the belief that, via business, a positive impact on society should be made. We recognize that every individual human being is part of a larger and more significant world. We are different individuals and at the same time, we are part of a community. Guided by this, we aim to prioritize locally sourcing almost all of our ingredients from rural communities in Ghana. For instance, our shea butter is directly purchased from women's communities in the Upper West Region of Ghana. All other products and ingredients are purchased at fair trade premium. Moreover, we aim to support and encourage women empowerment initiatives in that region.

When you shop at MaaShea you receive an amazing high-quality product and stimulate and contribute to the empowerment of marginalised women (communities) in Ghana. We hope to create value chains that make a difference, from the local makers to the consumers who use their ingredients.

Company Details

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